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The Pinwheel Funhouse is hybrid between Fazbear Hills and the Pinwheel Circus. When the player enters it, just like Pinwheel Circus, there's colored bubbles on the screen and a random trippy effect.

In FNaF World

The Pinwheel Funhouse is a location in FNaF World where if the player goes through a purple tent. They can go to a different part of the Funhouse or a different location in the game.In the 3D version,it's the green tent. It is the most usefull place for find Characters.


  • This is one of four locations that Lolbit doesn't appear in. The others being Lilygear Lake, Geist Lair, and Halloween World.
  • Players can actually go through walls in the Pinwheel Funhouse.
  • Players can go into the purple portal tents which take you to a different part in The game.
  • You can actually get the last few characters here, but it's tricky.
  • If you look at a comparison of the Pinwheel Funhouse and Pinwheel Circus Battle background and apply a photo negative filter (Easier on the Chromebook) then the Pinwheel Funhouse background is the same.
  • This is the only area that has Redbear, Tangle, and White Rabbit, which are only different color schemes of Shadow Freddy, Mangle, and RWQ/Shadow Bonnie.

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