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Were you looking for his counterpart of FNaF World?: Prototype (FNaF World)?

Prototype was feautured in the fake release of Fnaf World, the 'Halloween Version'. Although thought to only be in the fake, Prototype was acually inplemented into Fnaf World as an enemy found only in Blacktomb yard.


Prototype is a withered Freddy-like animatronic that has his left hand and right foot missing a costume and is completely grey except for his yellow eyes, brown shirt with 1 yellow button, black top hat, purple bowtie, black microphone and black nose. Prototype has 4 blocky teeth and an unusually long neck that goes downwards.


Prototype is a reasonably difficult enemy in FNaF World.


  • It is commonly thought that Evil Endo is actually Prototype, and that Prototype will appear in the full game.
  • While Prototype in the halloween version had yellow eyes, a brown shirt and a purple bow tie, the FNaF World Prototype has an black bow tie, green eyes and no shirt whatsoever.



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