were you looking for prototypes counterparts Evil endo, Prototype or Redbear? Prototype is an enemy found at Blacktomb Yard in FNaF World.


Prototype is an Endoskeleton that seems to be based off Freddy Fazbear, Prototypes have no costume and wear next to nothing outside of the black tophat and bowtie. Prototypes also have crane-like arms, as well as feet with two toes. Prototype also seems to have an hunched animation, supporting of the fact that they might be "zombies." Prototypes have green eyes and sharp metallic teeth.



  • Prototypes are one of the few enemies in FNaF world halloween edition to make an appearance in FNaF world. These include Tangle, Security, Ball Boy, Brow Boy and Mad Endo.
  • Prototypes might have been the final version of Evil Endo, due to how similar they look alike.
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