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Were you looking for Security's counterparts: TangleBrow Boy, Mini P, Half-Bake, Redbear, Big Jack or Xangle

Not be confused with Security from FNaF World.


In the Halloween version, Security is a humanoid robot with long wire-like arms which seem to function as whips, or used to be hands.Security`s most distinctive feature is the camera which functions as a head for it, strands of wires are seen at the end of its head along with an attena with a red ball on it on the top of the camera. Security's main color pallete is grey, light grey,dark grey, red, yellow and blue. The torso has an red chestplate and an red "orb" on the center off the chestplate. It also has kneepads on the mettalic legs.

However, in the official version, he looks like a giant robotic owl with mismatched eyes.


In the Halloween Edition, Security attacks normally like any other enemy.

In the official version, Security usually either attacks for very high damage, or uses Alarm, which can instantly kill 5 party members if you don't use Neon Wall first.

Role In Game

To act as a enemy and to kill your player and stay alive. In the full version Security acts as the final boss on Normal Mode.


  • It is unknown why Security has whip-like arms, but it is possible that it used to be stuck on a wall or  amechanism and the arms itself acted as wires for the camera head, but later broke free, which may explain why the wires are nearly as long as the entire body, which is impossible in real life for most beings.

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