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The Forest is a big part of the Halloween Edition map, and the starting location of the game.


The Forest is mostly a open area with trees that prevent the player from escaping the map. There's also rocks and pumpkins spread across around the floor, and grass scenery on the wall.


There afe many sections of The Forest that are separated by red dots and each section has different encounters and layouts.


The first section of the location is a rectangular outline of trees with some rocks within the middle. There is a pumpkin on the top left. There's two chests on the bottom corners, and there's a intangible tree on the bottom that leads to a chest. At the top of the section, there's two shops and an inn. Within the shops are a shield (for 50G) and a heart piece (for 100G). On the right is the line that separates this section with the second section.

In this section, the player can encounter Ballboys, Anchovys and Mad Endos.


The second section of the location is a 90 degree turned parallelogram of tree borders, with pumpkins spread across the middle. There are two chests. On the top left is Section 1, while on the bottom right is Section 3.

In this section, the player can encounter Prototypes, Tangles and Anchovys.


The third section of the Forest is a straight path down and then left towards the next section. There's pumpkins, dead trees and rocks (or mountains) are at the bottom of the section. There's also an inn, with an intangible tree on the right, and it leads to a shop with a red spiked ball (for 850G).

In this section, the player can expect to encounter Half-Bakes, Brow Boys and Prototypes.

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