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Lolbit is a helper in FNaF World that sells Bytes for the player to use, and the Bytes change depending on Lolbit's location. It acts as a helper and vendor for the player.


 Lolbit is extremely similar to Adventure Funtime Foxy with black eye sockets and white pupils. Adventure Funtime Foxy's pink and red is replaced by orange and purple respectively, though the white is not changed.

Role in FNaF World

 Lolbit   sells Bytes for the player, with the available Bytes depending on where Lolbit is.

  • Lolbit is one of 2 NPCs that appear in more than one area, with the other being NPC Fredbear.
    • Unlike Fredbear, Lolbit will not disappear after being talked to once in that area.
    • The fact that Lolbit appears everywhere in FNaF World may imply that Lolbit is actually a travelling merchant.
  • For some reason, the Lolbit on the 8-Bit Overworld's colors are yellow, purple, light gray, and white as opposed to 3D Lolbit's white, orange, and purple, this is likely a mistake made by Scott Cawthon.
  • As of the 3D Overworld Update, Lolbit's icon in the Overworld is the same as it's idle pose.
  • Lolbit also exists in Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location's "Custom Night".


Update 1: Lolbit - DeeDee - 8-bit Fredbear - Old Man Consequences - Desk Man

Update 2: Baby