Hey guys,

I wanted to make a fan-fiction where you vote who wins! Ever heard of the game mafia? Who do you think the mafia is?

The contestants are: Adventure Toy Bonnie Adventure Bonnie Adventure Toy Freddy Adventure Freddy Adventure Mangle Adventure Toy Foxy (Funtime) Adventure Foxy Adventure Chica Adventure Toy Chica Adventure JJ Adventure BB Adventure Endo-1 Adventure Endo-2 Adventure Withered Bonnie Adventure Withered Chica  . (We are playing the simple version with only mafia and population with 3 mafia). Every day, someone will be eliminated and the poll will reset. As well as YOU voting someone out, the mafia will also vote someone out every day.

Round1: Marfia voted out Adventure Toy Freddy and Population voted out BB

Round2: Marfia voted out Adventure Mangle and Population voted out Toy Bonnie who was mafia

Round3: Marfia voted out Adventure Withered Chica and population voted out Adventure Endo-1 who was population

Round4:Marfia voted out Adventure JJ and Population voted out Adventure Foxy who was population

Round5: Marfia voted out Adventure Endo-2 and population voted out Adventure Withered Bonnie who was population!

Round6: Marfia voted out Adventure Bonnie and population voted out Adventure Funtime Foxy! who was mafia!

Comment down Below to sway peoples votes.
Who is mafia?

The poll was created at 05:25 on December 8, 2015, and so far 10 people voted.
Name Position Player type
Adventure Toy Freddy 15th Population
Adventure BB 14th Population
Adventure Mangle 13th Population
Adventure Toy Bonnie 12th Mafia
Adventure Withered Chica 11th Population
Adventure Endo-1 10th Population
Adventure JJ 9th Population
Adventure Foxy 8th Population
Adventure Endo-2 7th Population
Adventure Withered Bonnie 6th Population
Adventure Bonnie 5th Population
Adventure Toy Foxy (Funtime) 4th Mafia
Adventure Bonnie 3rd Population
Adventure Toy Chica 2nd Mafia
Adventure Freddy 1st Population
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