Hey guys what's up? I hope you are Happy to see me again after 3 or 4 months of inactivity! The reason why i have been soo much inactive is because 3 months ago my mom decided to change our internet connection and i got a new one after almost 2 weeks but i didn't came back because i was super busy with school and other things! So im very sorry for my long inactivity and i think i will leave this Wiki and the others forever because it's pretty boring for me to stay here also becuse FNAF World is officially dead and Scott will not continue the game anymore! So that's it and i hope you understand my decision! If you want to leave a comment just leave it and i will reply before i will leave this Wiki! And also an huge thanks to Freezeblade, AMA, Endo and KingGameChanger to keeping this Wiki safe from who is trying to vandalize it! It was beautiful being here with you guys! And after this goodbye my friends ;)


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