Hello there everyone! I have decided to remake the roleplay blog....admittedly an akward time to do so but....I hope that atleast this will be worth it. I got the characters ready and their weapons,class and element...attacks are your own choice...except for mine of course (and maybe some others.)

TIER 1: Start off with, pretty weak at first but get better and better.

Freezeblade7997         -     Endoskeleton (Endy)    -         BlackAntol  -   Mystery Animatronic - Un-Invert Mickey 

Ice                           -        Fire/Ice                        -             Fire    -           Space                 -       Lightning

Dagger,bombs,gun.    -       Form changing Scythe.   -         Hammer     -        FNaF World Wiki    -       Knife

Damage Dealer           -     Damage Dealer                      -           Support    -          Tank                  -       Berserker

TIER 2: Pretty hard but effective at battle.

ADTMP          -          Minecraft Hazard                            Coldboy                Lewis                    KingGameChaner

Time               -             Earth                                            Illusion                   Air                        Tech

Watch-whip       -           Diamond Pickaxe              -            Camera       -        Chain Hook   -  Code

Tank               -              Area Control                     -            All-Rounder   -       Status Dealer    -    Counter

TIER 3: Very hard to find and powerful, beware.

Antman             -           Cutie                      -                    Calim               -        ElloPuppet     -       Darkashadow

Water                 -         Light                        -                  Magic               -        Toxic               -       Darkness

Lazer Sword        -         Photokinesis             -                 Wand              -         Necromancy      -       Sword

Area Control         -        Support                     -                 Counter         -          Statues Dealer    -      All-rounder

Attack types:

Melee: (infinite uses) The weakest of your attacks but effective if nothing else is in your arsenal (Damage: 5-20)

Secondary: (6 uses) More reliable than melee but remember not to use it too much due to uses. (Damage: 15-35)

Spell: (3 uses)  Powerful attacks that limit in uses, these are 2 attacks of your element type. (Damage: 40-66)

MEGA: At low health, you can activate this mode to buff your team, debuff enemies or do chaos. (Damage: 70-120)

Example: FREEZEBLADE7997

Melee: Dagger slice (Walks up to an enemy and slices them, ignores defences) infi-use

Secondary: Cryo bomb toss  3 uses. (Throws an ice bomb at an enemy and freezes them for a few turns)

Secondary: Travelling Mist  3 uses. (Turns into mist and allows the team to escape a battle.)

Spell 1: Zero-Degree shot (Fires an high-velocity Icile that does high pierce damage, ignores special defenses) 1 use.

Spell 2: Hail Howl 1 Use. (Howls at the moon and lets hail rain down, doing moderate area damage.)

Spell 3: Blizzard Breath (releases an humongous stream of cold wind that, no matter what always freezes the enemy, making them unable to attack for some time) 1 use.

MEGA: Cold-Blooded (Turns into an ferocious beast that tears through enemies lines with ease, lowers defenses for a massive damage boost.)

My character has the lowest health of all characters and is extremely weak against be careful, so Freeze is sorta like a glass canon. Freeze is very good at taking down armored enemies and tanks.

HP: 33 (You can`t go any further than 50 at the beggining!) this took time to make but I just want to say that you guys can also create your own characters, attacks, weaknesses and strengths, so....have fun! You can 1 attack for melee, 2 for secondary and 3 attacks for the spell choice and 1 for MEGA.

I also want to ask to make sure that you work on your own character, as I might start in a few weeks or somethin I dunno. I`ll put this on a forum. (Freezeblade productions does not condomn brain explosions, or any other things :P )

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