Hello everyone! Today I am here to say a few things....about the teaser

World: The world is indeed strange as I predicted, the snow forests and the grasslands. The characters itself, seems to move at a tiptoeing movement, but this is very hard to see as the camera is from upwards.

Characters: Even though only a few were shown, Nightmare freddy seems to use a "Fredlet army" attack or something.If you look closely, there are colors by the attacks, so elements will be by your side. Also the paper dolls actually attack together, so there might be a chance they can use 3 turns instead of one.

Enemies: Ok, so the enemies might not be 100% related to fnaf, but so far we know about the Freddy robot and a spider enemy with what seems to be a party hat  shape on their shell.

This is all I can gather but more may appear!

Someone stated there will be an official trailer and maybe more will be revealed.

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