Hi guys! How is everyone going? While looking around at the wiki, at the porkpatch page, something hit me on the head the moment I heard the word "Salvage" and "Patched'." here is what I think is going on.

The redesigned terrors....

we already got Porkpatch, Brow boy, Mad Endo and Bubba, but do you notice anything from them, all of them seems to be stitched together by several pieces. Whoever made these robots did not really look at their blueprints correctly cause....theyre sorta...stiched togther in such a way like as if it was a horror movie! The "Broken" as I call them, are nothing more than mindless robots that want the heroes dead, who has made them? Who wants these adorable character that were left in such misery as in the past games to feel suffering once again? I do not know, but the fact that the text in one of the teasers says "Madness takes many forms" implies that this thing, is not human. Is the person who is doing this Purple guy? He took the form as Springtrap in the 3rd game, who knows what he chooses next, but all I can say is that his actions will still haunt on till the present day. But if Purple guy is behind the events of Fnaf world, what is with Mangle? Does he target those who has been damaged the most by emotions? This seems logical due to the fact that Mangle was left to be nothing more than a take apart and build back together attraction, if he does appear or not, The "Broken" will aid him, this isnt over, far not, he wants the heroes dead, nothing more.

This is just my theory, who knows if this really will happen or not.

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