1.) Is Spring Bonnie impossible to get?

2.) Is Fredbear supposed to be an npc, enemy, and playable character?

3.) Why does Fredbear give you the universe ending when you talk to him with Fredbear in your 1st party 1st slot?

4.) Why isn't Slasher a black move?

5.) Why isn't Cosmic Song a AOE move?

6.) Why does Toy Chica have an annoying voice in Foxy Fighers?

7.) Why isn't JJ/Balloon Girl annoying in Foxy Fighers?

8.) Why is Jack-O-Chica holding a pumpkin instead of a cupcake?

9.) Why does Nightmare Chica's cupcake sit on Nightmare Chica's arm instead in her hand on a plate?

10.) Did you enjoy the FNAF World quiz?

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